Invista automaticamente em criptoativos replicando a estratégia de traders profissionais

Copy the portfolio, strategies and all orders from professional crypto traders and robots automatically. Decrease your risk and increase your profits.


Your cryptocurrencies stay safe in you exchange, we do not have custody. It's secure for you and for Clubinvest. The withdrawls are automatically and can be done at anytime


All orders are placed directly in your exchange. You doesn't need to do anything.

Save time

When traders operate, our algorithm automatically copy their orders for you. Our goal is to save your time, decrease your risk and increase your profits.
Invest like a pro

Start to invest in few steps


Create your account

Register for free, fast and easy. No Burocracy

Integrate with your exchange

Create a API key on Binance and integrate in our platform

Start to copy trade

Choose a trader, look your profit historic and start to mirror him strategy automatically

Tarck your profit

Now you can see the orders filled in your account and track your profit
Clean and effective

Clubinvest in numbers

  • $

    Around $500.00 invested

    Many investors already trust the company and have exceptional results.
  • Reached +45% of profit in only 30 days

    Clubinvest has already reached + 45% of profit in a single month to investors.
No abusive fees

We care with our investors Clear, secure and profitable

  • No hidden fees

    You can see the performance fee in every trader profile
  • Performance fee

    The fee is charged only on your income. That is, if you invest $10,000 and now have $ 2,000, the fee will be charged only by the $2,000 profit.
  • Our traders receive a fee percentage

    To be a trader at Clubinvest, you need to invest your own capital. So we've created a model of trust where the trader will always be focused on having good results. Clubinvest distribute your performance fee charged to the trader that your was copying.
Secure and profitable

Our traders and bots helps you to decrease your risk and increase your profits

All traders and robots are highly selected to be on the platform. We search for market experience, risk management and consistent short-term gains.

Be a trader for Clubinvest

If you are a crypto-trader or have an automated trading bot, sign up as a partner and receive up to 25% of the income of each follower


Frequently Questions

To start investing, you need to have a Binance account with balance. After registering with Clubinvest, create an API key in exchange and connect in our panel. Watch this video .

Your cryptocurrencies are safe in Binance, one of the largest exchanges in the world, since we do not have custody. Every order is made through the API and only you have control of moving and authorizing withdrawals from your account.

Our algorithm closes all open orders and converts all your funds to Bitcoin. It then creates proportional orders to the trader's portfolio allocation. After this process, you will copy every buy and sell order that the trader make within seconds.

When you stop following a trader, all your positions are reset to Bitcoin and then to the dollar, protecting your capital in less volatile currency

We recommend a minimum value of $200 to take all the oportunities and mirror the trader.

To be able to replicate a trader's orders without have exactly the same balance, our platform calculates the share of the trader's total funds that are in each asset. So you can replicate the same orders, proportionally.


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Our fees

You invest like a pro and pay only by your profit

Increase your earning potential with the Clubinvest Referral Program.

Registered users can invite new investors and receive bonuses for this.

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CEO, founder

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Lead Software Engineer

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CPO, founder

João Paulo Oliveira

Angel-Investor & Advisor

Valdiney Pimenta

Angel-Investor & Advisor

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